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Sony PlayStation Network Hack Resulted In Stolen User Data, but Credit Card Data Was Encrypted.

Sony's PlayStation Network was attacked and lots of personal data was leaked including birth dates, names, e-mail address and it was originally though the hackers had also got hold of user credit card details. The company’s officials reported that “The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken.” But while the encryption is nice, depending on what type it is, it could still be hacked.

Startup Videos

 Here are some amazing videos on entrepreneurship and how to be successful
  •  "Sell Your Ideas The Steve Jobs Way", Having a great idea is good but it worth nothing if you can't sell it. In his talk, Carmine Gallo demonstrates how extraordinary leaders such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others communicate the vision and the value behind their service, product, or brand.

  •  "Billions Of Entrepreneurs: How China And India Are Reshaping Their Futures And Yours", Removing half a billion people from poverty and into the productive workforce will profoundly affect on the world economy. India and China are doing just that with insane growth rates and lots of what used to be American jobs: China is the factory floor and India the back-office, software shop. China is top-down party driven. India is a messy, vibrant democracy.

    This may be the complementary duo that changes the world. Including your world.

  • "Keys To Success", Eben Pagan, Founder of the Altitude Training Program, speaks with Drew Kossoff about the lessons he learned while building an 8-figure business. For more information and to get more valuable free training videos, go to

  • "Change Organizations", Although it's not mandatory to have a MBA to start a sucessful business, some business schools such as The Stanford Graduate School (GSB) leads to profound results. The Stanford GSB provides a transformative experience enabling you to change lives, change organizations and therefore change the world. You'll find a great list of inspirational videos and other good stuff at youtube channel

  • "A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg", Founder and CEO of the social networking site Facebook, sharing a sense of where the WEB 2.0 is and where it’s heading to. Tones of ideas on how new businesses can take off the internet market.

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